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Human Vs. Mammals And Sexual Positions

It is worth to understand both the behavioral and physical differences regarding the anatomy of people and that of mammals. To begin with, males are undiscriminating while women are known to be very selective.

While women selection criterion is physical and social, men tend to be physical when it comes to making choices. Therefore, there are primary modifying factors in the human strategy that result to the uniqueness of human beings among all living things.

Sex and Anatomy

There is a big difference between human anatomy and that of other mammals as well as other primates, and this has an impact on the approach the humans take regarding sex, especially the sexual positions.

The physiology, biology, and the general body structure of mammals lead to their instinctive approaches. Often, the biological imperatives determine the female and male sexual behavior, and their anatomy cannot prevent this behavior. However, there is one exception human beings.

The common land mammalian anatomy enhances rather than preventing reproduction. Let?s have an example of a female land mammal, who walks on fours and has her rear limbs at a right angle to her spine. Her vagina is located under her tail.

It is easy for the male to mount her rear for a successful copulation. The male approaches her from the back, mounts his weight oh her, and engages.

The position of her weight allows her to support the male easily. Note that her legs don't hinder intercourse and if she is not comfortable with it, she can go away.

The energy the females use during the intercourse is reduced because she should just stand still while the male engages.

Well, animals don't mate all the time. Therefore, the delicate female sexual organ ? the vagina, is always well-protected by the tail or by her leg and hip structure.

However, note that during mating, this organ is easily accessible. I know that you are questioning how this is relevant to human beings. Well, everyone knows that humans are not created like cows, deers, horses, and any other animal. Then, how are humans when it comes to intercourse?

Well, they are just like cows, dears, or horses. Here is the reason. They all walk on fours. The male approaches from the back mounts on her and engages. The female?s legs are strong, and she can easily accommodate the male?s weight during the intercourse.

Her vagina is close to the tailbone and on the surface for easier accessibility when she presents her posterior to the male. Her vagina is protected by how her legs are positioned and a callosity on her rump when she sits. Thus, this is not different from deer and cows.

Now, the differences start to show up when we embark on analyzing the human anatomy. It is an undeniable fact that the human body is structured in a manner that seems to impede instead of enhancing intercourse.

Many differences between the human and non-human anatomy and that are crucial to this analysis appear in the female structure. The most obvious difference is that only humans walk on two legs instead of walking on four legs like other mammals. Also, her leg and hip structures make it easy and natural for the male to engage. However, this poses a problem during intercourse because the male is convex and not concave.

For the females, it is a big problem. Her legs rotate from her hips, then move from a right angle to in-line with her spine, and her vulva travels further forward. Also, her vagina is not on the service like other mammals. It has retreated into the body and covers by the extra flesh.

These differences are not based on the position of the vagina only. A human female's legs are closer together as compared to those of other primates. Also, the hip joints have less literal flexibility as compared to those of other mammals and help in stabilizing the female?s upright posture. Finally, the human female has long, heavy, masculine, and thick legs.

The last and one of the primary differences between a human and a non-human mammal is the buttocks. For the human female, she has the biggest buttocks among all mammals on earth.

Sometimes they can be big enough to form a shelf-like structure in the back. Though it is an assumption that regardless the race or culture a woman will always have bigger buttocks than a man, it holds some truth. Well, I know you are wondering what the big deal with women having bigger buttocks than men.

Here is the big deal. The female's body structure makes sexual intercourse and her orgasms difficult. Her vagina cannot be accessed easily ? it is far, covered with flesh and it?s hidden between two columns of muscles and bones (legs). Do you think this is nonsense? Just because women give birth implying that there was a successful intercourse.

Of course, there exists a successful intercourse between men and women. However, the intercourse is not as easy as other mammals find it. Keep in mind that the differences between the human and the non-human female body structure where not there before females turned to humans. Lets examine what could have happened a long time ago.

The female would just bound to a nice-looking male and present her posterior to him. We all know that mammals mate from the rear. Of course, the male would mount, but he can't reach the vagina since it is not on the surface. Her legs are too closer and her buttocks too big. What would have happened? End of human race.

But we are alive! Where did we come from? I can read your mind and that's the exact question you have.

Well, the human race did not come to an end. This is because the male had to evolve physically to fit the female or change the mating technique. In fact, the male achieved the two objectives.

His penis grew bigger than of any other primate. He also changed his mating technique and got involved in jelqing to increase penis size and managed to influence all other human males in the world.

These differences cause the males to have a subconscious desire to have a bigger penis and try different products like Extenze or penis pumps and pumping products for the purpose of enlarging his penis size. His penis size is basically directly linked to his survival in his subconscious mind.